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Burst water & gas pipes and leaking pipes are no joking matter. Water leaks can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs, and a gas leak can cost you your life. When you need pipe leak repair now, you need to call Power Plumbing Plus. With more than 25 years of experience fixing leaking pipes, we are the plumbers you can trust to keep your home safe.

Gas Pipe Leak Repair

Gas pipe leak repair is not a do-it-yourself job. If it’s not done right, the safety of you and your family are at stake. Signs of gas leak include a sulphur smell (like rotten eggs) or unexplainably high gas bills. If you suspect a gas leak, don’t delay in seeking assistance from the experts.

When you need a professional plumber to fix gas leaks, give us call. Trust our decades of experience with gas pipe repair to find and fix the problem. Whether it’s a faulty fitting or a busted connection, we are pros when it comes to finding the best gas line leak fix to keep you safe.

Burst Water & Gas Pipes Repair

Water Leak Repair

Whether it’s a slow leak or a pipe that bursts in the middle of the night, the team at Power Plumbing Plus is ready to offer expert water leak repair. Left unattended, a water leak can flood your home, lead to rotting floors and walls, and create a breeding ground for hazardous mold.

Our pipe leak repair specialists are equipped to get your water flowing right again no matter what the problem. From leaking toilets to busted water mains, we do it all.

24/7 Emergency Burst Pipe Repairs - Melbourne Wide

Do you need pipe leak repair now? Call us immediately. We operate 24/7 because we know plumbing emergencies can strike at any time. While the other guys are sleeping, we’re here to keep your home safe.

If your gas or water pipes burst, the first thing to do is to close the shutoff valve to keep your home safe and prevent further damage. Next, call the professionals at Power Plumbing Plus and get the expert emergency service you deserve.

Ready to Get Help With Your Burst and Leaking Pipes?

We are waiting for your call. Day or night, small leaks or sudden bursts. Our team of pipe leak repair specialists is ready to fix water and gas line problems big and small.

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