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Does your kitchen or bathroom have leaking taps? Or worse, is your toilet running? Dripping or leaking taps are inconvenient, but they are also going to raise your water bill every month. A leaking toilet is even worse because it can lead to more costly water damage.

When you need tap repairs and replacement, you need a pro who can implement a long term solution that takes care of the leak once and for all. Power Plumbing Plus has been a trusted name in leaking taps repair throughout Melbourne for the past 25 years. Call us today and let us whisk your leaky taps away.

Fixing or Replacing Dripping Taps

Our plumbers are equipped to fix or replace leaking taps of any sort. Whether you’ve got hot and cold taps or mixer taps, we’ve got you covered. We can even service leaking garden taps. Trust our guys to diagnose the problem and find the best solution for you.

While homeowners may worry about tap replacement cost, remember that you are losing money in your water bill every month that you let the leak persist. Many leaky faucets have very simple fixes, as well. So you may be very surprised at just how affordable our quality tap replacement service is.

Fixing or Replacing Leaking Toilets

When it comes to toilet repairs Melbourne homeowners rely on Power Plumbing Plus to get the job done right. With something as crucial as the toilet, you need to know that your plumbing is in the hands of a professional. Whether you’ve got a leaking cistern that just needs a new washer or you have to completely replace your toilet, we are the pros you count on.

Don’t let a leaky toilet ruin your floors, walls, or wallet for another second. Give us a call today to get your bathroom back in order again.

24/7 Emergency Water Leak Repair Service - Melbourne Wide

Leaks can strike at any time. If you’re hosting a guest, the last thing you want to be embarrassed by is a dripping toilet. That’s why Power Plumbing Plus is proud to offer 24/7 emergency service throughout all of Melbourne.

It doesn’t matter if you need leaking toilet repair at midnight, we are there to get the job done.

Ready to get help with your leaking tap or toilet?

When it comes to taps and toilet leaks Melbourne can count on us to handle the biggest problems with professional experience and exceptional customer service. Take care of those little leaks before they cause massive damage. Get in touch with the Power Plumbing Plus team today!

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