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If there is one thing a home needs to count on, it’s reliable sewer plumbing that works effectively. When sewer pipes get blocked, it is a true emergency. Every minute you wait you are risking sewage backing up into the house, which is more than disgusting—it’s a health risk.

Don’t let clogged or busted sewer lines ruin your home. Power Plumbing Plus has more than 25 years of experience performing sewer renewal and pipe repair for the people of Melbourne.

Sewage Pipe Repairs

Your sewer pipes work hard for you every day. All that pressure, along with external forces, can lead to cracks and corrosion. And the tiniest break in your pipes can cause big problems. Our years of experience with sewage pipe repair combined with the latest in plumbing technology means that we can root out damage to your pipes and apply isolated fixes to keep your system running clean.

How do you know if you need sewer repair? Any of these symptoms may indicate that something’s not right in your pipes:

  • Toilets that won’t flush or fill properly
  • Drains that backup
  • Unexplained odor of sewage
  • Mold problems
  • Patches of grass that are extra lush

Whatever the problem, we’ll find the fix. From a simple pipe cleaning and blockage removal to repairing small sections of your piping—we’ve got it covered.

Complete Sewage Pipe Replacement

Sometimes the damage is too serious for spot repairs. In this case, complete sewage pipe replacement is in order. Power Plumbing Plus has received Master Plumbers Accreditation, so you can trust us to get the job done right. A sewer main is too important to leave to the amateurs, so make sure you choose a licensed professional with a proven track record of successful sewerage replacement.

24/7 Emergency Sewer Plumbing Services - Melbourne Wide

When the guest bedroom toilet starts backing up at midnight, the other guys are snoozing in their beds. Not us! Power Plumbing Plus knows that sewer troubles can’t wait until the morning. That’s why we are up all night waiting for your call. With 24/7 emergency service to anywhere in Melbourne, there is no job we can’t handle – day or night.

Ready To Get Help With Your Sewer Plumbing?

Don’t let sewage ruin your day. Whether you need small repairs or complete pipe replacement, we can help diagnose sewer issues big and small to find the best solution for you. Call today and let us keep your pipes flowing.

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