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In any home, business or institution, plumbing systems are a must – for both water and gas. With that being said, plumbing systems require regular and careful installation and inspection to make sure every component is in its best shape. This is to make sure your plumbing networks last longer and become more efficient. 

As with every plumbing system, there will eventually come a time where you will have to face a plumbing emergency. Even a crack in a pipe can badly affect the overall plumbing infrastructure. Inspecting the problem on your own will only grant it a temporary fix. Power Plumbing Plus is renowned as a professional Richmond plumber who delivers outstanding results.

Plumbing Services & Emergencies

You want to immediately seek out a professional plumber in Richmond for the following reasons:

  • Gas Fitting
  • Burst Gas Pipes
  • Gas Pipe Renewals
  • Emergency Gas Plumber
  • Blocked Water Drains

Any minor or major plumbing difficulty is made easy with Power Plumbing Plus. Our team of professionally trained plumbers are always updated with today’s best practices and high standards. We make sure all repair and installation procedures are performed safely. Our services extend to the entire Richmond area and its outskirts. 

Gasfitting Plumber in Richmond

In finding a company to perform gas fitting for you, it is strongly recommended that the company is licensed, and that your gas fitter must be licensed as well. Illegal gas fitting is unsafe; dealing with gas in the wrong manner can lead to hazardous accidents. Choosing the perfect gas fitter or licensed plumber in Richmond ensures your pipes and appliances are installed properly, and guarantees the safety of your home or business. 

Whether you suspect a gas leak around the house, or simply want to have a gas appliance installed, Power Plumbing Plus is ready to help you. As Master Plumbers, we are able to service all kinds of gas repairs and installations. Under no circumstances should you ever attempt to handle gas and gas-related issues on your own.

Managing Burst Gas Pipes

Gas is hazardous when not handled properly. While gas pipes are generally safe, gas can possibly leak out from them. If the gas leak isn’t discovered and fixed immediately, the possible consequences can include fires, lack of indoor oxygen, and the release of carbon monoxide byproducts which will greatly affect your respiratory system and overall health. You will also find your gas bill has skyrocketed.

Time, improper installation, corrosion and other factors can cause gas pipes to burst, rust or crack. Power Plumbing Plus highly suggests getting your gas pipes checked, and conducting routine maintenance to ensure peak performance and utmost safety. From repairs to replacements, when you have a burst gas pipe issue, we have your solution.

Upgrading your Gas Pipes

As mentioned previously, one of the causes of gas leaks is your gas pipe’s lack of durability over a period of time. If your gas pipes are made of either cast iron, unprotected steel, or PVC, it’s the best time to change them to polyethylene pipes. These types of pipes greatly ensure safe and secure flow of gas supply, reducing the risks of gas leaks. 

Our staff of licensed Master Plumbers are dedicated to delivering excellent gas pipe renewals all across Richmond. With many years of plumbing experience, your home is in good hands with us at Power Plumbing Plus.

  • Be Alert During a Gas Emergency

It is crucial that you act quickly in a gas emergency. If you encounter a gas emergency, immediately turn off the gas control valve, get fresh air immediately, and call for help. Attempting to fix a gas issue on your own is never an option. Entrusting your home to a non-licensed gas plumber or solving the emergency alone will only cause a greater threat. It is paramount that for any gas emergency, you immediately reach out to a dedicated plumber in Richmond.

Richmond VIC Plumber - Power Plumbing Plus

Gas & Water Lines

One of the most frustrating scenarios to experience at home is having to deal with a blocked drain. Your drain gets clogged due to particles that have accumulated over time. This can be normally fixed by pouring it with boiling water or a chemical agent, or using a plunger. However, these are only temporary fixes, and you may experience a blocked water drain again in the future.

Contacting your licensed Richmond plumber at Power Plumbing Plus should get the job done quickly and efficiently. All of our professional plumbers can easily carry out most plumbing jobs, including fixing your blocked water drains.

Your Local Gas & Water Plumbers

At Power Plumbing Plus, our years of dedication to the plumbing industry has never once failed our customers. We guarantee delivering the tasks with utmost safety and technicality. We immediately dispatch to your home, give your pipes a thorough check, and perform the job efficiently, with cost-affordable prices. 

Reach out to any of our Master Plumbers in Richmond for all your water and gas plumbing needs. Call now at 0459 288 112, or on our website at

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